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Winter Prey. Hidden Prey Unabridged. His pursuer is the opposite - he likes women and women like him. Lucas Davenport's life is a bit disorganised - he has a relationship with a surgeon whose biological clock is ticking and who wants to have a child. He is drawn as the sort of person you would like to have on your side in a crisis. The progress of the investigation is well described. He also enjoys taking pictures of women and distorting their figures to look like they are participating in grotesque sexual activities. His method of murder: a rope. The killer is a very sick individual that has killed over eight women in three states.

None of the cops have been able to link him to the murder. When a murdered women turns up in the barren woods, close to home to Lucas Davenport, he vows to find this killer who killed this beautiful woman. After an intense investigation, and with the assistance of an aout of state officer, Davenport discovers that three other women have mysteriously disappeared in Wisconsin.

Can Davenport and the gang get the killer before he claims his next victim? The suspense is in watching Davenport hunt down this very clever murderer. Davenport is not a super-cop. He works hard, thinks hard, is sometimes lucky, sometimes not. He is doggedly persistent and was quite the womanizer as well in the earlier "Prey" novels.

All in all, Lucas Davenport is a constantly evolving character.


Although it is the first that I have read, I didn't feel that I needed to have read any others to understand the characters. Here Davenport is chasing a serial killer who likes to photograph young blonde women, render the photographs as a tracing or drawing, then, where possible, strangle and bury the women. In some of the chapters, including the first, the narrator is the deranged killer. Thus the reader gets a direct insight into the mind of a psychopath. Sanford is adept at describing the interplay among the various policemen and detectives working on the case as they try to identify the killer.

Somewhat surprisingly, they focus on the actual killer as a suspect about two-thirds through the book, and then the rest of the book deals with their building the evidence for a compelling criminal prosecution. I was a little disappointed in the structure of the plot in that the final "smoking gun" of evidence is found in a manner reminiscent of a deus ex machina. This is particularly annoying in that we are often allowed into the mind of the killer, but not when he hides the key evidence.

I would characterize the book as more of a police procedure story and character study than a thriller, but Sanford does interject a bit of suspense at the end.

Over all, I rate this a pretty decent read, but not the kind you just can't put down. This is the 13th in the prey series and the third I've reread in as many days. I liked it a lot. I liked the character of the villain, the depictions of rain and how impacted the crime scenes.

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I liked the way the crime was thought about. This interested me on many levels. I do think that the fall out over Ellen's actions was too minimal, but that's my only quibble with the book. It's the one with the art historian killing many small athletic blonds, and how they catch him. I really felt for his mother, the smart old bat, as the police referred to her.

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