Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics (6th Edition) (The Language Library)

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New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts. Teaching English pronunciation: a book of readings. London: Routledge. Approaches to pronunciation teaching. London: Macmillan. A programed introduction to linguistics: phonetics and phonemics. Boston: D. Heath and Company. A systematic approach to English pronunciation. A practical introduction to phonetics. Teaching pronunciation. Christophersen, P. An English phonetics course.

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Ikeja, Accra: Longmans. An introduction to phonetics and phonology. Cambridge: Basil Blackwell. Mees eds. Practical phonetics and phonology. A resource book for students. Gimson's pronunciation of English [6th edition]. A dictionary of linguistics and phonetics. Oxford: Blackwell. Accurate English: a complete course in pronunciation. Introducing phonetics and phonology. An outline of English pronunciation. Copenhagen: Odense University Press. NBC handbook of pronunciation. Teaching pronunciation: a handbook for teachers and trainers. Clear speech: pronunciation and listening comprehension in American English.

New York: Cambridge University Press. An introduction to the pronunciation of English. Gimson's pronunciation of English. London: Edward Arnold] [Ld,Gim ]. English pronunciation for student teachers. Groningen: Wolters-Noordhoff-Longman.

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Sound advantage. A pronunciation book. English pronunciation in use. Cambridge: Cambridge Univeristy Press. The Mouton interactive introduction to phonetics and phonology.

The Hague: Mouton de Gruyter. Laver eds. The handbook of phonetic sciences. Pronunciation practice activities. Pronunciation tasks. A course for pre-intermediate learners. Drills and tests in English sounds. London: Longmans. A handbook of English pronunciation. Introductory phonetics and phonology: a workbook approach. Elements of British and American English. The phonology of English as an international language. Oxford: OUP. The pronunciation of English. The original is by David Crystal. The book itself is English-Chinese, followed by short explanations of the terms. I am sure this will be very helpful for me when reading Chinese publications in linguistics, or when wanting to discuss linguistics in Chin A very useful book for me: A dictionary of linguistic and phonetic terms which actually works in both directions and contains explanations of the terms as well.

I am sure this will be very helpful for me when reading Chinese publications in linguistics, or when wanting to discuss linguistics in Chinese. This is an excellent resource for anyone working with technical terminology in the area of linguistics and grammar. Often people can get confused in what linguistic terms mean, and here David Crystal helps standardize the field and its vocabulary.

The sixth edition has seen many improvements and is worth having as a quick reference.

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Do you refer to a particular null copula as gapped or elliptical? This dictionary should be your first stop for understanding such terminology. Very useful! Jul 28, Mohamed Zayed rated it it was amazing Shelves: linguistics , academic. This is what I call a "nest egg". Whenever I need to consult about a linguistic term; this is my shelter. Oct 30, Gofita rated it liked it Recommends it for: Newby Linguistic majors or really big language geeks.

Shelves: language. The definitions were easy to understand. Though, I will admit to not having read through a whole dictionary reference book, just what I did read through for my needs I liked. Dec 22, Omar rated it it was amazing. This dictionary is so useful. The outstanding linguist, David Crystal, always makes me taste and benefit from every book he writes. I totally aggree with those who say: "This dictionary is the bible of linguistic lovers.

Feb 02, Rikki Chadwick rated it liked it. U svrhe fakulteta U svrhe rada na fakultetu Florian rated it liked it Oct 22, Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Herman Schmitz rated it liked it Apr 19, ChristinaJL rated it really liked it Jan 23, Christopher Redmond rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Michael Moran rated it really liked it Jan 17, Andrea rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Program allows to search both the word articles and the total text of the dictionary. It includes the fields of business, politics, institutions, major events, major organisations, many acronyms in common use, plus many other points of reference in modern France, from AB to ZUP — words and names that are part and parcel of modern French life.

Over 2 million translations, user-friendly interface with colors, fast response time. Plus monolingual Spanish. It is a HUGE resource database for all major languages online. Last update December Both directions English and Spanish. Very updated. Enter a word and get the word in the opposite language. Requires login and password, but is a free resource offering highly detailed lexical and grammatical information in German and Italian. Users can add words, pronunciation, definitions, sample sentences and translations in multiple languages. All added content is ranked by the community to ensure the highest quality submissions are displayed first.

Registered members of Elovivo can contribute to the dictionary, create and save favorite word lists, message friends and find language exchange partners. The page is in Dutch. It contains 4, terms. Updated weekly with new terms and acronyms. It focuses on spoken Sanskrit. Like in a Wiki, entries can be added and edited. The hypertext feature makes it easy to re-translate words of the result list. Output in Latin as well as Devanagari script is provided. The database is preloaded with an English index, and both users and editors contribute to the dictionary.

Links are to Excel files. The words in FinnWordNet are grouped according to their meaning into concepts represented by synonym sets forming a semantic network in the same way as the Princeton WordNet. The FinnWordNet can be used interactively as a bilingual Finnish-English-Finnish dictionary for finding translations in their semantic context. The FinnWordNet database is freely available and can be downloaded for research and language technology applications.

Public can freely contribute. Also includes alphabets and grammar information for travel. Over records. A simple dictionary based on a wordlist of about , entries. It contains gender and plural form of each noun. It is based on crowdsourcing approach. The dictionary now includes over 1, words, indexed, categorized and searchable. The content is maintained by its members, and any visitor can suggest a new word.

Number of word is gradually growing. All words are divided into categories. Dictionary is free to use.

Introduction to Articulatory Phonetics (Consonants)

Accepts any kanji, kana, romaji, or English, and provides thorough definitions for over , words. Secondary and tertiary etymological glosses oriented toward present-day usages of the characters specifically in Japan. There are many pictures, videos, and pronunciation samples.

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Comprehensive Konkani English Dictionary, word lists, proverbs, idioms, metaphors etc. A very handy resource for those interested in learning the Konkani language. Learn how to pronounce Korean words fast. It also contains some dictionaries of historical interest from the 18th and 19th century in some of these languages. It contains the electronic transcription and edition of some of the most important dictionaries from the 17th and 18th centuries. The selected texts are generally considered the most important monuments of portuguese dictionary tradition for their dimension, reception and documental value.

We intend to gradually enlarge the database, adding bilingual dictionaries, grammatical and orthographical texts, that currently are being studied and edited by master and PhD students, related to the project. If you're interested in the Germanic languages, this is a pretty nifty development. The main goal of the Limburgish Academy is to make Limburgish accessible to both scholars and a wider audience. The website is trilingual English, Limburgish, Dutch and contains background information on the foundation and many contemporary aspects of the Limburgish language, including a 70 page history of Limburgish, its usage and its literature.

The open source also contains four online dictionaries, each in two parts: a Public Dictionary viewable to all visiting the site and a Work Dictionary only viewable for those users that are logged in. The Limburgish-Dutch dictionary currently contains 67, words 30, in the Public Dictionary and another 37, in the Work Dictionary. The Limburgish-English dictionary currently contains about 30, words several hundreds in the Public dictionaries and another 30, in the Work Dictionary.

The Dutch-Limburgish and English-Limburgish dictionaries currently contains several thousand entries solely in the Work Dictionary. As entries are complete we will continue to move content to the Public Dictionaries. This West Germanic variety has, it seems like, been grossly underappreciated by most specialists save for a small set.


It handles more than , searches each day. Look up any word on any web page by double-clicking it or by typing it it corrects spelling along the way , without leaving the web page. Explore related terms; look up any word in the definition. Uses AI to query search engines for related information. Translate to German, French, Spanish, etc. For Netscape, IE, Palm, cell phones.