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The strange liaison of Sartre and Beauvoir.

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"Die Mauer" von Jean Paul Sartre (Hörbuch)

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He also seduced Beauvoir's former student, Nathalie Sorokine, with whom Beauvoir was sleeping. Sometimes it worked, lovers and friends drinking, dining, swapping partners in the Montparnasse section of Paris. But there were also tears and jealousy. Sartre died in , Beauvoir in The family is now divided into feuding camps. Sartre's is led by Ms. Sartre, with whom he had a brief affair when she was 19 and he was Beauvoir's is headed by Ms. In an interview from Paris, Ms. Sartre's actions to jealousy. Sartre could not be reached.

But Isabelle Weygand, a lawyer for Gallimard, Sartre's publisher, said from Paris that "these are very private documents, letters, very intimate.

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Sartre's guarding of material inhibits study of him. But Ms. Weygand insisted that "these letters are not useful for working on Sartre.

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Rowley, however, was shown copies of the Sartre-Zonina correspondence by Zonina's daughter, Macha. She said he was indeed critical of Ms. Sartre in them.

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Rowley said. Rowley's book adds new details about the affairs and intrigues that spanned 51 years.

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Most of Sartre's mistresses were younger, emotionally and financially dependent on him. Rowley said that Wanda became clinically paranoid, was ferociously jealous of Beauvoir and once brought a gun to kill her.