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Governance in Sport: Historical and Contemporary Perspective 2. Sport, Rules and Law 3. Challenging Sports Decisions 4. EU Sports Law Policy 5. Doping and Sport Part 2: Commercial Regulation 6. Regulation of Sports Business 7. Financial Corruption in Sport 8. Legal Issues of Sports Employment Sports Participation Liability Safety and Spectator Disorder in Sports Facilities.

Haggerty, Univesrity of Alberta, Canada. Security Games addresses the impact of mega-events — such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup — on wider practices of security and surveillance. As the contributors to this volume demonstrate, we can observe the complex ways that security and surveillance are now implicated in unique confluences of technology, institutional motivations, and public-private security arrangements. As the exceptional conditions of the mega-event become the norm, Security Games: Surveillance and Control at Mega-Events therefore provides the glimpse of a possible future that is more intensively and extensively monitored.

Selected Contents: Editorial Introduction 1. Rethinking Security at the Olympics 3. Surveilling the Athens Olympics 9. Secure our Profits! Looking toward a future with increasingly hybridized media offerings, Sports Media examines sports media scholarship and its role in facilitating understanding of the increasingly complex world of sports media. Computers, Web, mobile and other digital media are increasingly important technologies in the production and consumption of sports media.

Sport Beyond Television analyzes the changes that have given rise to this situation, combining theoretical insights with original evidence collected through extensive research and interviews with people working in the media and sport industries. It locates sports media as a pivotal component in online content economies and cultures, and counteracts the scant scholarly attention to sports media when compared to music, film and publishing in convergent media cultures.

Signal Lost? Edited by Jay Scherer, University of Alberta, Canada and David Rowe, University of Western Sydney, Australia Series: Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society This volume charts the debates over the provision of free-to-air telecasts of sport as a right of cultural citizenship, analyzing the complex economic, political, and sociological questions surrounding the increasingly tenuous ability of public broadcasters to compete for the broadcasting rights to the most popular and desirable sports and sporting events.

Through comparative case studies, the contributors to this edited volume explore these issues in various locales across the globe. Sports development has become a prominent concern within both the academic study of sport and within the organization and administration of sport. The Routledge Handbook of Sports Development is the first book to comprehensively map the wide-ranging territory of sports development as an activity and as a policy field, and to offer a definitive survey of current academic knowledge and professional practice.

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Spanning the whole spectrum of activity in sports development, from youth sport and mass participation to the development of elite athletes, the book identifies and defines the core functions of sports development, exploring the interface between sports development and cognate fields such as education, coaching, community welfare and policy. The book presents important new studies of sports development around the world, illustrating the breadth of practice within and between countries, and examines the most important issues facing practitioners within sports development today, from child protection to partnership working.

With unparalleled depth and breadth of coverage, the Routledge Handbook of Sports Development is the definitive guide to policy, practice and research in sports development. It is essential reading for all students, researchers and professionals with an interest in this important and rapidly evolving field.

Daniel Bloyce and Andy Smith both at University of Chester, UK Sport Policy and Development introduces the key themes in sport and social policy and provides students with a base for understanding the process of social policy creation more generally. Bringing a distinctively sociological perspective to the subject, the text provides a comprehensive analysis of the ways in which pro-sport policies are thought to influence the community and the individual.

Strategic sports development has emerged as a means of applying business strategies to the context of sports development. Strategic Sports Development is the first book to directly address this important new field. It comprehensively explains the strategic concepts and techniques that sports students and practitioners across the UK and internationally need to understand. Sports Development explores policy and practice from the voluntary sector to Central Government and the EU. Courses requiring a critical approach to sports development will find this an invaluable reference.

Sports development has received enormous interest from social policymakers, and this text will be the first to examine and review the outcomes of different sports development policies. Strategic Sports Development is designed to help students develop the practical skills needed to contribute to development strategy in a vocational context, and give practitioners the confidence and know-how to improve the strategic development of their sports organisation.

This book is essential reading for all students and practitioners of strategic sports development, and a valuable resource for students of sports management or development in general. Approaches to Strategy 2. Making Strategic Choices in Sports Development 5. Implementing Sports Development Strategy 6. Strategic Partnerships in Sports Development 7. Politics, Policy and Strategic Sports Development 9. Strategic Leadership in Sports Development Strategic Community Sports Development Strategic SportsSpecific Development Organized around a series of sixteen national case studies, the book enables students and practitioners to compare and contrast the development, implementation and impact of sport participation policies throughout the world.

An introductory chapter provides a framework for understanding and interpreting those case studies and each chapter then addresses. England 3. The Netherlands 4. Germany 5. Norway 6. Hungary 7. Bulgaria 8. Finland 9. South Africa India China Singapore Japan Australia 1 5. New Zealand United States of America Canada Series: Routledge Research in Sport, Culture and Society Since , Britain has seen a period of unprecedented public investment in, and political commitment to, sport.

In this book, Iain Lindsey and Barrie Houlihan examine and analyze sport policy since the appointment of John Major as leader of the Conservative Party in Lindsey and Houlihan provide the first analysis that examines sport policy as a field of government and that discusses how the various sectors e.

A Decade of Transition 3. New Labour and its Priorities 4. The Forgotten Partner — Local Government 7. School and Youth Sport 8. Social Capital, Governance and Sport 2. Danish Sport Governance: Tradition in Transition 5. Sport and Social Capital in England 6. Social Capital and Sport Governance in France 7. The Olympic Games is unquestionably the greatest sporting event on earth, with television audiences measured in billions of viewers. By what process did the Olympics evolve into this multi-national phenomenon?

How can an understanding of the Olympic Games help us to better understand international sport and society? And what will be the true impact and legacy of the London Olympics in ? Understanding the Olympics answers all of these questions, and more, by exploring the full social, cultural, political, historical and economic context to the Olympic Games. It traces the history of the Olympic movement from its origins in ancient Greece, through its revival in the nineteenth century, to the modern mega-event of today.

No other book offers such a comprehensive and thoughtful introduction to the Olympic Games and therefore this is essential reading for anybody with an interest in the Olympics or the wider relationship between sport and society. London, the Olympics and the Road to 2. Reviving the Games 5. The Internationalist Spirit and National Contestation 7.

The Politics and the Games 8. Festival, Spectacle, Carnival and Consumption 9. Level Playing Fields Global sporting events involve the creation, management and mediation of cultural meanings for consumption by massive media audiences. The apotheosis of this cultural form is the Olympic Games. This challenging and provocative new book explores the Olympic spectacle, from the the multi-media bidding process and the branding and imaging of the Games to security, surveillance and control of the Olympic product across all of its levels.

The book argues that the process of commercialization, directed by the IOC itself, has enabled audiences to interpret its traditional objects in non-reverential ways and to develop oppositional interpretations of Olympism. The Olympics have become multi-voiced and many themed, and the spectacle of the contemporary Games raises important questions about institutionalization, the doctrine of individualism, the advance of market capitalism, performance, consumption and the consolidation of global society.

With particular focus on the London Games in , this book casts a critical eye over the bidding process, Olympic finance, promises of legacy and development, and the consequences of hosting the Games for the civil rights and liberties of those living in their shadow. The Paralympic Games Explained is the first complete introduction to the Paralympic phenomenon, exploring every key aspect and issue, from the history and development of the Paralympic movement to the economic and social impact of the contemporary Games.

Containing features such as review questions, study activities, web links and guides to further reading throughout this book is essential reading for all students with an interest in disability sport, sporting mega-events, the politics of sport, or disability in society. The Olympics: A Critical Reader represents a unique, critical guide to the definitive sporting mega-event and the wider phenomenon it represents — Olympism.

Combining classic texts and thoughtful editorial discussion with challenging new pieces, including previously unseen material, the book systematically addresses the key questions in modern Olympism. Each thematic part has been designed to include a range of views, including background treatment of an issue as well as critical scholarship, to ensure that students develop a well-rounded understanding of the Olympic phenomenon.

The Olympics: A Critical Reader is essential reading for students of the Olympics and Olympism, the sociology of sport, sport management and cultural studies. Beatriz Garcia examines the concept and evolution of cultural policies throughout the recent history of the Olympic Games and then specifically evaluates the cultural program of the Sydney Olympic Games.

Garcia argues that the cultural relevance of a major event is highly dependant on the consistency of the policy choices informing its cultural dimensions. She demonstrates how major events, such as the Olympic Games, frequently fail to leave long-term cultural legacies and are often unable to provide an experience that fully engages and represents the host community, due to their over-emphasis on an economic rather than a social and cultural agenda. The Politics of the Olympics: A Survey, provides information on and analysis of the relationship between politics and the Olympic Games.

It is argued and demonstrated throughout the book that sport and politics have been and are intimately connected and nowhere is this relationship more apparent than in the Olympic Games. The A-Z Glossary provides up-to-date and concise information on famous Olympians, presidents of the International Olympic Committee, specific events, boycotts and demonstrations, each of which has been politically significant in the history of the Games. Entries are cross-referenced for ease of use.

A map of the venues for the Olympic Games is also included. The Politics of Hosting the Olympic Games. Disability, Olympism and Paralympism. The Olympics and Terrorism. Berlin Taiwanese Identities and the Beijing Olympic Games. A-Z Glossary. Providing a full overview of the changing relationship between cities and the Olympic events, this substantially revised and enlarged edition builds on the success of its predecessor. Its coverage takes account of important new scholarship as well as adding reflections on the experience of staging Beijing and Vancouver , the state of preparations for London , and the plans for the Games scheduled for Sochi in and Rio de Janeiro Introduction Part 1: The Olympic Festivals 2.

The Cultural Olympiads: Reviving the Panegyris 5. The Paralympics Part 2: Planning and Management 6. Financing the Games 7. Promoting the Olympic City 8. Olympic Security 9. Urban Regeneration and Renewal Olympic Tourism Part 3: City Portraits Mexico City Montreal Barcelona Sydney Athens Beijing London Rio de Janeiro Edited by John J. Reporting for the first time on years of intensive ethnographic research and organizational intervention, John J. MacAloon literally follows the Olympic flame through twenty years of intercultural encounter, conflict, and negotiation.

This book was previously published as a special issue of Sport in Society Selected Contents: Preface and Acknowledgements 1. This book examines the press coverage of the time, which helped to elevate Owens to such status. Pamela C. Laucella utilizes examples not just from the mainstream press, but also from the black and Communist press, and reveals critical differences in the tone, emphasis, and type of coverage.

Selected Contents: Introduction 1. The Mainstream Writers 4. Conclusions Notes. China in Africa: An Olympics-charged Re-engagement 7. This book was published as a special issue of the International Journal of the History of Sport. In this perceptive and engaging short introduction, Jay Coakley and Peter Donnelly explain what sport is and why it has become so important around the world.

Starting with the origins of and institutionalization of sport as we know it, Sport: A Short Introduction describes the major social processes that have influenced sport, from commercialization to globalization, and surveys key themes, topics and issues at work in contemporary sport. The book also explores different ways of studying and understanding sport, from sport history to sport science, and makes a powerful case for progressive social change within and through sport. This concise and illuminating book is the essential starting point for any student of sport across all its sub-disciplines.

Origins and Development of Sport 2. Sport Sciences 3. Rationalization of Sport 4. Commercialization of Sport 5. Globalization of Sport 6. This book examines the links between sport and a range of broader social issues such as race, sexuality, and globalization. David Karen and Robert E. This is essential reading for all students of sports studies, the sociology of sport, and the sociology of culture. Updated, revised and enhanced with new features, the fifth edition of Making Sense of Sports is the biggest and strongest yet. New chapters on exercise culture and the moral climate of sports support a thoroughly overhauled text that includes fresh material on Islam, sports commerce and corruption.

In short, Making Sense of Sports is an all-purpose introduction to the study of sports. Burning Questions How Old is Sport? Is Cheating Fair? Is Leing Left-handed an Advantage in Sports? This exciting, comprehensive and accessible textbook introduces the study of sport, culture and society. International in scope, it explores the key social theories that shape our understanding of sport as a social phenomenon and critically examines many of the assumptions that underpin that understanding.

Each chapter includes a wealth of useful features to assist the student, including chapter summaries, highlighted definitions of key terms, practical projects, revision questions, boxed case-studies and biographies, and guides to further reading, with additional teaching and learning resources available on a companion website.

This is the most broad-ranging and thoughtful introduction to the socio-cultural analysis of sport currently available and sets a new agenda for the discipline. It is essential reading for all students with an interest in sport.

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Sport, Theory and the Problem of Values 2. Sport, History and Social Change 3. Sport, Commercialisation and Society 4. Global Sport 6. Sport, Nationalism and Internationalism 7. Sport, Community and Others 8. Sport, Law and Governance 9. Sport and the Media Sport the Environment Sport, the Body and World Health Sport, Violence and Crime Sport, Religion and Spirituality Sport the Olympics and Major Sporting Events Sport, Social Inequality and Social Movement Sporting Celebrities, Heroes and Heroines Sport and Social Change Sport, Poverty and International Development Series: CRESC In the decade or more since publication of the first edition of Understanding Sport, both sport and wider global society have experienced profound change.

In this fully updated and expanded edition of their classic textbook, John Horne, Alan Tomlinson, Garry Whannel and Kath Woodward offer a critical and reflective introduction to the relationship between sport and contemporary society and explain how sport remains both an important agent and symptom of socio-cultural change. Retaining the accessibility and scholarly rigour for which Understanding Sport has always been renowned, this new edition includes entirely new chapters on governance, global transformations, bodies, sites, places and events, and a succinct guide to researching sport.

With review and seminar questions included in every chapter, plus concise, helpful guides to further reading, Understanding Sport remains an essential textbook for all courses on sport and society, the sociology of sport, sport and social theory, or social issues in sport. Case Studies in the Growth of Modern Sports 3. Debates, Interpretations, Theories 4. Inequalities and Divisions 5. Socialisation, Identity and Cultural Reproduction 6.

Representation, Sport, and the Media 7. Sporting Bodies 8. Sport, the State, and Politics 9. Governance The Labour Market Commercialization Global Transformations Spaces, Sites, Events In this landmark study of violence in and around contemporary sport, Kevin Young offers the first comprehensive sociological analysis of an issue of central importance within sport studies. Offering a sophisticated new theoretical framework for understanding sport-related violence, and including a wide range of case-studies and empirical data, from professional soccer in Europe to ice hockey in North America, the book establishes a benchmark for the study of violence within sport and wider society.

Through close examination of often contradictory trends, from anti-violence initiatives in professional sports leagues to the role of the media in encouraging hyper-aggressivity, the book throws new light on our understanding of the socially-embedded character of sport and its fundamental ties to history, culture, politics, social class, gender and the law. Violence Among Players 3. Violence Among Fans 4. Formations of Violence: Widening the Focus 5. Students will learn to critically reflect on the sports that they or their friends care so much about.

It does, but there is another reality as well. This book challenges the conventional beliefs about sport by examining critically the negative side of sport. Stanley Eitzen, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, Colorado State University This critical textbook examines social exclusion in sport and analyzes the socio-negative attributes associated with competitive, institutionalized sport, for all who play. Focusing on sport at non-elite levels, this book explores the lives of everyday citizens who play sport and examines how inequality and social deviance are structured into the social and sporting system.

By concentrating on real sport, and through the use of startling vignettes illustrating the experiences of real people, this textbook develops the critical senses, social conscience and theoretical understanding of all students of sport and anybody for whom sport is part of their everyday life. Teaching Obedience to Authority and thus Complicity with Abuse 3. Sports use in the Maintenance of Class 5. No single introductory book has, until now captured the range of thought appropriate for scrutinizing the idea of leisure.

Beginning with a discussion of expressions in classical thought, etymological definitions and key leisure studies concepts, Tony Blackshaw suggests that the idea abounds with ambivalence, which is unlikely ever to be resolved. After analyzing the rise and fall of modern leisure patterns, the emphasis shifts from the historical to the sociological and the author identifies and critically discusses the key modernist and postmodernist perspectives.

Leisure is an essential purchase for undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and academics in the fields of Sociology of Leisure, Sports and Leisure Studies, and Popular Culture. The Idea of Leisure 2. The Uses of Leisure 3. The Antecedents of Modern Leisure 4. Analyzing Leisure as a Social Phenomenon 5. Leisure in the Postmodern Imagination 6. This innovative series explores the close relationships that exist between sport and other disciplines and professions, and traces the theoretical and professional boundaries that they share. Each book in the series introduces the key themes, topics and debates that define a particular discipline and its engagement with sport — such as sport and sociology, or sport and politics — offering an invaluable overview for all students and scholars working in sport and each mainstream discipline.

In this ground-breaking and thought provoking book, Alan Bairner offers a comprehensive and critical survey of the relationship between sport and politics and argues that by understanding this relationship we can develop a much more nuanced understanding of both sport and politics as aspects of culture. The book also examines how sociology has impacted upon the consciousness of sports fans, administrators and politicians; in other words, the degree of lay engagement with the ideas of sociologists of sport. Focusing on touchstone issues and concepts within sociological discourse, such as race, gender, celebrity, social activism and social theory, the book assesses the successes and failures of the sociology of sport in influencing the parent discipline, related sub-disciplines, the wider public and sporting organizations.

It also asks to what extent the sociology of sport can be said to be distinctive, autonomous and influential, and challenges students of sport to extend their work across disciplinary divides. As the first book to provide a history of the sociology of sport and to clearly locate the contemporary discipline in the wider currents of sociological discourse, this is important reading for all students and scholars interested in the relationship between sport and society, whether they are working in sport studies or in the sociological mainstream.

Understanding the Sociology of Sport as an Area of Study 2. The Emergence of the Sociology of Sport 3. Sociology of Sport and Social 5. Sport and Race 6. Sport and Gender 7. Sport and Celebrity 8. Sociology of Sport and Social Activism Sociology of Sport and Public Intellectuals The book begins with three main propositions — that politicians use sport, that sport reflects political conditions and that sport itself contributes to political culture for good or for ill. Against this background the book explores the key points of interaction between the two, including national and international sport policy, the political economy of sport, nationalism in sport, sport in political thought, globalization, the politics of sporting celebrity, and the neighbouring academic communities of sport and political science.

With fascinating case studies woven throughout, this book is the perfect introduction to an important contemporary topic for all students of sport, politics and society. Sport and Political Thought 2. Sport Policy: National 3. Sport Policy: International 4. Sport, Nationalism and Ethnicity 5. Sport and Gender Politics 7. Sport, Politics and Morality 8. Political Economy of Sport. From boxing and Raging Bull to soccer and Bend it Like Beckham, the sports film stands at the interface of two of our most important cultural forms.

This book is the first sustained and rigorous examination of the social, historical and ideological significance of representations of sport in film internationally, an essential guide for all students of sport, film, media and culture. Drawing on a huge range of films as source material, the book explores key issues in the study of sport, film and wider society, from the politics of identity to the culture of celebrity. Reading Film 2. Representing Sport 3. The Emergence of the Sports Film 4. The Sports Film 5. Sport and the Documentary 6. Film, Sport and National Identities 7.

Understanding American Sports Gerald R. With extensive use of examples and illustrations, the development of American sport from the nineteenth century until the present day is explained with reference to political, social, gender and economic issues. Disability, Sport and Society An Introduction Nigel Thomas and Andy Smith Disability sport is a relatively recent phenomenon, yet it is also one that is attracting increasing political and academic interest. This important new textbook introduces the reader to key concepts in disability and disability sport and examines the complex relationships between modern sport, disability and other aspects of wider society.

Study aids such as key websites, chapter summaries and further reading lists make this book an invaluable resource for students at all levels. Selected Contents: Introduction. Contested Fields and Cultural Resistance. The Cultural Politics of Fandom. Silk critically interrogates these mediated sport spectacles, arguing that events such as the Super Bowl, the Olympic Games, and the Little League World Series appropriate and mobilize US corporo-political needs, opining a myopic expression of American jingoism, international and domestic war cries, militarism and geo-political domination.

Sport and Social Mobility: Untangling the Relationship 2. Social and Organizational Contexts of Sport 3. Political and Educational Contexts of Sport 4. Scaling Up? Sport and Linking Social Capital 6. Sport and Cultural Capital: Opportunities and Constraints 7. Social Mobility and Economic Life 8. The Social Organization of Sports Medicine Edited by Dominic Malcolm, Loughborough University, UK and Parissa Safai, York University, Canada During the twentieth century the relationship between sport and medicine has developed in the context of broader social, cultural and politico-economic processes.

This includes increasing scientific understanding of the human body, growing attention to lifestyle as a health-risk factor, the development of health promotion, and a shifting balance of power between the medical profession, allied health professions and patients. In conjunction with the rationalization, internationalization and commercialization of sports performance, these processes have combined to lead to the expansion of the system of sports medicine in many, if not all, Western nations.

This volume charts changing perceptions of sport within medical discourse, attempts by sports medicine providers to forge professional identities in response to these processes, the day-to-day experiences of deliverers of sports medicine and the reactions of recipients of that healthcare. Sport and Its Female Fans will be a landmark contribution in the field of sport research and in studies of sports fandom, making an original contribution to the growing, yet underresearched area of female sports spectators.

Edited by Adam Locks, University of Chichester, UK and Niall Richardson, University of Sussex, UK Critical Readings in Bodybuilding is the first collection to address the contemporary practice of bodybuilding, especially the way in which the activity has become increasingly more extreme and to consider much neglected debates of gender, eroticism, and sexuality related to the activity.

Featuring the leading scholars of bodybuilding and the body as well as emerging voices, this volume will be a key addition to the fields of sociology, sport studies, and cultural studies. Niall Richardson and Adam Locks 1.

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Building Otherwise: Bodybuilding as Immersive Practice 5. Aphrodisia and Erotogenesis Flex Rated Muscle Worship! Freak Out! Greg Valentino, Synthol and Exploding Bodies Too Big to be Bexy? Hyper-Muscularity Versus Muscle Tone. This is a book about fathers, and how we can understand fathers and their fathering practices better if we examine the role of sport and leisure in their relationships with their children and their partners. While exercise promotion has become an increasingly visible part of health campaigns, obesity among women is rising, and studies indicate that women are generally less physically active than men.

Yet women have a complex relationship with embodiment and physical activity that is difficult for quantitative scientific approaches to explore. This book addresses this neglect by providing a much-needed feminist, qualitative social analysis of women and exercise. The contributors, drawn from across Europe and North America investigate the ways women experience exercise within the context of the global fitness industry. All the authors take a specifically feminist perspective in their analysis of the fit, feminine body, exploring media images and the global branding of fitness products, the relationship between exercise and fat, the construction of physical activity within health discourse, and the lived experience of the exercising body.

The book is essential for anyone interested in health promotion, sport and exercise or the social and cultural study of gender and embodiment. In this book, Kristin Lawler examines the surfer, one of the most significant and enduring archetypes in American popular culture, from its roots in ancient Hawaii, to Waikiki beach at the dawn of the twentieth century, continuing through Depression-era California, cresting during the early sixties, persistently present over the next three decades, and now, more globally popular than ever.

Radical: Surf Culture, Image, and Capitalism 2. Island Time: Primitives, Puritans, and Hucksters 3. Riders on the Storm: Surfers and the Sixties 5. In this provocative follow up to his classic work of obesity scepticism, The Obesity Epidemic, Michael Gard argues that we have entered into a new, and perhaps terminal, phase of the obesity debate. Evidence suggests that obesity rates are levelling off in Western societies, life expectancies continue to rise in line with rising obesity rates, and across the world policy-makers have remained largely indifferent and inactive in the face of this apparently deadly threat to our health and well-being.

His powerful and inescapable conclusion is that we should now mark the end of the obesity epidemic. Offering a road map through the maze of claims and counter-claims, while still holding to a sceptical standpoint, this book provides an unparalleled anatomy of obesity as a scientific, political and cultural issue. It is essential reading for anybody with an interest in the science or sociology of health and lifestyle.

The Beginning is the End 2. Worse Than Global Warming 3. The Inconvenience of Good News 4. The View From Outside 5. The Obvious Solution 6. Four thematic sections bring together an international multi-disciplinary range of perspectives with particular focus on the stadium. Examples from architectural design, media studies and archaeology are used while studying advertising, economics, migration, fandom, local identities, emotions, gender, and the sociology of space.

Texts and case-studies build up this useful book for lecturers and researchers in sociology, cultural studies, geography, architecture, sport and environment. By providing theoretically sophisticated and empirically grounded texts, the series will make sense of the changes and challenges facing sport globally. The series aspires to maintain the commitment and promise of the critical paradigm by contributing to a more inclusive and less exploitative culture of sport.

Since their inception in , the Gay Games have developed into a multi-million dollar mega-event, engaging people from all continents, while the international Gay Games movement has become one of the largest and most significant international institutions for gay and lesbian people. Dancing with Tom Waddell 2. Australian Sport Antipodean Waves of Change Edited by Kristine Toohey, Griffith University, Australia and Tracy Taylor, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia Series: Sport in the Global Society — Contemporary Perspectives Australian sport, through its successes on the field of play and in advancing sport coaching and management, has undergone a revolution, as both an enabler of global processes and as subject to its influences economic, political, migratory etc.

This book examines the shifting place of Australian sports in current global and local environs, from the perspective of spectators, players and administrators. Drawing upon insights from contemporary history and current political phenomena from leading academic specialists in the field, the issue addresses cross-cutting themes such as loyalty and allegiance, migration and integration, identity and collective memory, and the politics of resistance and change, which will be of interest to the political scientist, the contemporary historian and sport scholar alike.

This book was previously published as a special edition of the journal Sport in Society. Selected Contents: Part 1: Community 2. The Politics of Football, Ownership and Fandom 3. Corporation or Community Asset? What is a Football Club? Sports Migrants and the Circumvention of the State 6. Second Class Citizens? The book examines why in certain countries, minorities chose to take up the sport while in others they backed away from participating in the game or, alternatively, set up their own leagues and practised self-exclusion.

This book was previously published as a special issue of Soccer and Society. Introduction: Minorities and The Global Game 2. From a career spanning five decades of agilely investigating forms with tactile media, the mostly recent works by Dorothy Hughes are all inspired by the natural environment. Downspout disconnection can help prevent basement sewage backup. Before you disconnect your downspout, consider where you are directing the water, and that cold weather will cause icing conditions. Traditionally, roof runoff in Chicago has been routed via downspouts directly into the sewer system.

However, the City of Chicago encourages the careful disconnection of downspouts so that roof runoff can flow directly into vegetated areas. Please see various options on this page. The DLS Notice informs the motorist that he or she has failed to pay the fines and penalties for 10 or more parking tickets or a combination of 5 or more red light and automated speed enforcement tickets. A pilot project to determine the safety, reliability and popularity of e-scooters. The City of Chicago offers a variety of payment options to help make bill paying more convenient.

The department administers various business assistance programs for new and expanding companies.

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The Ecuador Parade will take place in Albany Park and will feature a vibrant train of floats, along with Andean music and dancing from local folkloric troupes, all celebrating Ecuadorian independence. This art festival is a great way to be introduced to new artists, and a great way for artists to show off their latest works. The music, foods and friendliness of Greece will be on proud display when this popular Hellenic celebration returns for its 58th year to the grounds of St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Church. Elder abuse affects thousands of Illinois senior citizens every year.

As a result of the abuse, these victims experience severe neglect and extreme feelings of fear and loneliness. As members of the community it is our obligation to raise awareness and reach out to this often isolated group of victims. The Electrical Commission of the City of Chicago is charged with formulating and recommending safe and practical standards and specifications for the installation, alteration and use of electrical equipment designed to meet the necessities and conditions that prevail in the City of Chicago, recommending reasonable rules and regulations governing the issuance of electrical permits, and recommending reasonable fees to be paid for electrical inspections.

A full day of performances, plus installations, workshops and discussions, by 45 Chicago dancemakers investigating intersections between Dance, Space, Race and Place. In much of her work, Catlett celebrates the beauty and dignity of African American women and motherhood. Necessary precautionary steps in the case of floods, fires, blizzards, terrorism. All plan-based building permit applications must be accompanied by a compliance statement, prepared by a licensed design professional, documenting how applicable energy conservation requirements are met.

The Enterprise Case Management system is a centralized web-enabled application for Human Infrastructure departments and their delegate agencies to manage the numerous services provided to Chicago residents. The Enterprise Zone Program provides state and city incentives to help local businesses expand.

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Enterprise zones are geographic areas designated by the city and certified by the state of Illinois to receive various tax incentives and other benefits. The Department of Public Health CDPH enforces environmental ordinances in the Chicago Municipal Code and, through delegation agreements, also enforces some state and federal environmental laws. CDPH inspectors write tickets for violations, file inspection reports, gather evidence and provide court testimony.

Get ready to explore your environment and learn about neat things you can do to protect it. There are games, pictures, stories and other fun things. This exhibition will reunite all 32 doors painted by Eugene Eda for the stairwells of the original, now demolished Malcolm X College. A contemporary restaging of the dedication ceremony for Chicago's renowned Picasso sculpture celebrating its 50th anniversary on August The issue of prisoner reentry has taken on new urgency in recent years, as tens of thousands of formerly incarcerated individuals have returned to our city seeking a fresh start.

Chicago is one of the few cities to focus on the challenges of prisoner reentry in such a thorough and comprehensive manner. Below you can find information on the current programming and resources targeted to providing services to individuals with a criminal background who have served their sentence and need a second chance. CDPH is joining efforts with the Cook County Health and Hospitals System to ensure more women have access to free, life-saving mammograms along with vital follow up care from diagnosis to treatment at Cook County Hospitals.

The Department of Law invites law students to apply for its Extern Program. This program is designed to provide students with a challenging externship that reflects the demands and rewards of public service. Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, with a population of nearly three million people. Its scenic lakeside location, world-class cultural offerings and unique architecture are just some of the reasons why Chicago is a great place to live and visit. Statistical information about people with disabilities in Chicago and the U.

Fair Housing means the right for a person to live where they choose to, free from discrimination. The CFHO prohibits discrimination based on race, sex, color, age, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, military, and source of income. Respondents may also be ordered to: cease the illegal conduct complained of; pay actual damages for injury or loss; pay the complainant the cost, including reasonable attorney's fees, incurred in pursuing the complaint; pay punitive damages when the violation was willful, wanton or in reckless disregard of the complainant's rights ; and take such other action as may be necessary to make the complainant whole.

The CCHR investigates complaints of discrimination by interviewing witnesses and reviewing documentary evidence. It uses its subpoena power, if necessary to compel testimony and the production of documents. Many cases also settled or are withdrawn during the investigative stage. The City of Chicago is committed to making our city a place where diversity and inclusion thrive, and all live free from any form of discrimination.

Yet, residential segregation continues to be a concern for the City despite years of efforts to make fair housing a reality in every community. Unfortunately, many real estate agents, landlords, and management companies lack an understanding of the CFHO, and others blatantly continue to discriminate against individuals and families.

Find out when your favorite Fall Neighborhood Festival is taking place this year! Plan 2. In , the U. Fiesta del Sol is a family-friendly festival draws over 1 million visitors during the four day event, every year. Fifth Star Awards honors Chicago artists, arts advocates, cultural institutions whose work has forever changed and enhanced our city. The City of Chicago honored outstanding youth with The Rising Star Honor Roll — a recognition program for students who show creative leadership, passion and exceptional skill in the arts. For more information about the kinds of discrimination these ordinances prohibit and what remedies are available, please see Discrimination Cases as well as the applicable Ordinances and Regulations.

The mission of the Department of Streets and Sanitation is to provide a safe and healthy environment on the streets and alleys of Chicago through the effective management of the collection, recycling or disposal of residential refuse, the sweeping and plowing of streets, the timely removal or treatment of graffiti, cleaning of vacant lots, demolition of garages, the efficient towing of illegally parked vehicles, the enforcement of sanitation ordinances, abatement of rodents and the planting, trimming and removal of trees of which the finished product meets or exceeds industry standards and best practices.

Each City department is a separate agency responsible for maintaining its own records, so requests should be submitted to the department that maintains the records you want. This document consolidates and modernizes the three sets of rules that have been in effect over the past several decades.

Chicago is the proud home of over 40 independent film festivals providing distinctive programming throughout the year.

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Chicago Department of Public Health CDPH has partnered with several different community based health clinics to provide services for primary care, children, woman, family planning and pregnant woman. Residential Recycling Drop-Off Centers—blue dumpsters specifically designated for recycling—are located throughout the city. View a list of locations below.

Deeply rooted in community, the work of Klehm and Pratt involves neighborhood youth and volunteer efforts to create gardens and urban farms that expand awareness of local and global issues. A List of forms and informational publications to assist with filing, prosecuting, and responding to discrimination complaints at the Chicago Commission Human Relations. Once CACC receives your application, a staff member will email you with the next steps. Wave 5 of the HCS will launch in November and will run for approximately six months. Curated by Filter Photo, Furtive is a photography-based exhibition that explores the complexity of memory, both personal and collective.

This Private Sector Emergency Preparedness Resource Guide Guide is designed to help businesses large and small , non-profits, faith-based organizations and other non-governmental entities prepare for emergencies. The OUC and Geotech Reviews, analyze projects that are performing excavation near to or on the Public Right of Way, to ensure that the proposed work does not damage the utilities that are near project work site. These reviews are performed by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Buildings.

Try authentic German food and traditional drinks. Dance to the music of German bands and spend the evening with friends and enjoy a fabulous festival. For more information about extreme cold and winter storms in the city of Chicago. Meningitis can be contagious and is spread through close contact like kissing and sharing drinks or cigarettes. There is a safe and effective vaccine available to help protect against this form of meningitis. Before they accept any gift, City employees and officials should consider not only whether the law permits them to keep the gift, but whether accepting it may create the perception that their independent judgment will be compromised.

We take customer satisfaction seriously and measure our performance based on your input. John Arena of the 45th Ward and then-Ald. Margaret Laurino of the 39th Ward. The historic Goldblatt Brothers Department Store building, constructed between and , was the first store in the prominent regional department store chain founded by brothers Maurice and Nathan Goldblatt. Many older adults do not want to eat alone. The Golden Diners Program offers them a way to get a healthy meal each day and enjoy the company of friends. Hot, nutritious lunches are served to older adults over 60 years of age at nearly 70 community sites each weekday throughout Chicago.

Be Here Now: Open Your Mind to Spirituality

Industry experts discuss their dynamic careers and how to navigate the music business. Green designs and ideas that we can all use to help use water more wisely. In , the Chicago City Council passed a groundwater ordinance prohibiting the installation of new potable water supply wells. Help celebrate when Guatemala won its independence from Spain on September 15, in this annual parade in Albany Park! CDOT has the responsibility to review all permits requested within 40 feet of City waterways. Instructions for Commercial Driveway Permit Application — this should be a link on the Driveway permits.

This document provides a high-level list of current City standards for its hardware and software environments and is intended primarily for City department and vendor use. The collection consists of over 50 works of art that are installed on every floor of the building. We are providing consumers with information on how to make good choices while shopping and protect them from scams, both online and at retail stores.

The Healthy Chicago Survey HCS is a telephone survey led by the Chicago Department of Public Health CDPH to gather information on the health of Chicagoans including citywide, community area and demographic subgroup estimates of health behaviors, disease prevalence and access to and utilization of health care.

Hebru Brantley explores the human experience of emotion through the story of Parade Day Rain. The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications OEMC "Help Us Help You" educational campaign is focused on informing the public about how callers can help call takers and dispatchers provide the appropriate resources to Chicagoans and visitors in emergency situations. OEMC is highlighting tips and other important information that can help callers to get through calls for emergencies the best way possible. The Chicago Department of Public Health investigates all reported cases of hepatitis A in order to prevent an outbreak from occurring.

You may view listings of the job titles and departments involved in the Reduction-in-Force taken by the City of Chicago in and due to budget shortfalls. In its original form, it covered only real estate brokers, who were at that time licensed by the City of Chicago. On August 12, , following a lawsuit brought by the Chicago Real Estate Board charging that the ordinance was unconstitutional as it related solely to brokers, the ordinance was amended to extend coverage to owners and other having the right to sell or rent housing accommodations. The Fair Housing Ordinance was again amended on December 26, to ban discrimination based upon sex.

Marital status was thereafter added as a protected class in an amendment passed June 6, Disabled persons were later added in an amendment passed on January 19, The Chicago Blues Festival has presented countless number of blues notes and moments to millions of blues fans from around the world on Chicago's lakefront Grant Park. Harrison in Grant Park. John Chrimes, a tailor, and his wife Lydia purchased the Clarke House in The previous year, the Great Fire of had begun west of the Clarke House and spread northeast through the downtown area, bypassing Clarke House.

In a group of restaurateurs approached the Mayor of Chicago with the idea of a food festival on the Fourth of July, and Taste of Chicago was born. The Home Buyer Assistance program provides financial assistance for down payment and closing costs to help Chicago residents purchase. The City of Chicago is offering consumers smart tips on how to choose the right contractor and how to detect red flags to avoid getting scammed by a rip off contractor.

Transferring animals to other State Licensed animal shelters or breed rescue groups often provides them a much better chance of being adopted than remaining at our shelter. Through the Homeward Bound Program, nearly 7, animals are transferred out to partnering shelters each year! A Horse Drawn Carriage License is required for carriages or any device where a person is or may be transported or drawn upon the public way, designed to be or capable of being driven by a horse.

As part of its mission to provide a range of housing opportunities for all Chicagoans, the Department of Planning and Development works to preserve the housing stock in its communities. Family emergency planning can be the key to surviving an emergency. That's why it's important to talk to your family to prepare them for various emergencies. A copy of a ticket, if available, can be requested by calling the City of Chicago's Ticket Help Line at PARK You may also submit your request in writing.

Conceived by Hubertus von der Goltz as a gateway between the Loop and River North, Crossing symbolizes the delicate balance of the commercial and cultural districts that converge along the LaSalle Street corridor. An Illegal Conversion is the addition of a separate dwelling unit above the number of residential units designated for that residential property in the Certificate of Zoning Compliance.

For Illinois homeowners, renters and business owners. If you sustained losses or damage you may be eligible for disaster aid. If you are seeking immigration assistance, here are some things you should know about your rights as a consumer. In advisory opinion A, the Board of Ethics addresses the phrase "participate in [the] making [of] a governmental decision," as used in sections a Improper Influence and a Conflicts of Interest of the Ethics Ordinance.

In Good Company is a group exhibition presented by Arts of Life. This exhibition seeks to highlight the mutually beneficial relationships and connections that develop within the Arts of Life studios. MOPD provides personal devices or equipment that will assist an individual to become more independent in their home. Provisions of equipment and instruction is based on the individual needs in the home environment. The Independent Producers Apprenticeship IPA is a professional development and mentorship program for emerging Chicago-area independent filmmakers and media entrepreneurs.

Individualized Needs Assessment empowers an individual with skills, education, motivation and support services needed to accomplish a healthy, more independent lifestyle. The following procedures must be followed in order to establish Industrial Permit Parking While their work takes many forms, it is largely performative and seeking to engage the viewer as an inclusive display. For more information and resources on services in Chicago, click the link above. Appointed Officials persons who are appointed to or serve on City Boards and Commissions are subject to the provisions of the City's Governmental Ethics and Campaign Financing Ordinances.

Click Here for a summary of how these provisions affect appointed officials. Exposure to Domestic Violence, either experienced directly or witnessed between caregivers can have a detrimental effect on children. Every year, millions of domestic violence victims suffer from the horrors of abuse alone. Having been isolated by their abusers from friends and family, many are disconnected from sources of support, strength and safety. By reaching out to your friend or family member and breaking the silence, you can make a difference. A faith community has a responsibility to provide care for families in need.

In addition, it exhorts society to share compassion and comfort with those afflicted by personal tragedy. Leaders of the faith community are encouraged to create a unified response to domestic violence. In many instances health care professionals are the first to intervene after an abusive incident occurs.

It is therefore crucial that appropriate intervention strategies be identified and implemented. By accurately assessing the cause of injury, providing necessary medical care, and offering referrals to community resources, health care professionals have the potential to be valuable sources of support. Leaders in the field have identified the following strategies to make interventions by health care professionals more effective. It is important that as victims, survivors, family members, friends, religious leaders, employers, and community residents we recognize and address the needs of LGBT victims of domestic violence.

Information about driving and parking in Chicago for motorists with disabilities. Relationship violence occurs when one partner attempts to maintain power and control over the other. Research suggests that thousands of young adults are physically, emotionally and sexually abused by their dating partners every year.

The Department of Buildings' Demolition Bureau responds to complaints generated by the system reported by residents, community groups, Aldermanic offices, as well as the Chicago Police Department. The bureau responds to complaints of vacant and open buildings. We are actively seeking qualified professionals that want to be part of our winning team! The City of Chicago offers a competitive starting salary and comprehensive benefits package. Residency in the City of Chicago is required at the time of employment. Innovative programs provide employment-related services tailored to the needs of underserved populations such as immigrants, veterans, persons with disabilities, the homeless, non-custodial parents, persons with chemical dependencies and persons with criminal backgrounds.

The Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence Interfaith Advisory Committee gathers together to create a unified and faithful response to Domestic Violence through prevention awareness, education, the creation of safe, healing and redemptive space, and resources with and for clergy, professionals, and lay leaders within all faith communities.

Magnificent large-scale sculptures by acclaimed Mexican artist, Yvonne Domenge, included three large steel spheres in the South Boeing Gallery and the brightly painted Tree of Life, cast in bronze, in the North Boeing Gallery. Celebrate the start of the Year of Chicago Theatre!

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  5. Five free listening sessions will be presented monthly from January-May at the Chicago Cultural Center. Artist Jean Dubuffet felt a special affection for Chicago, home to one of his three monumental sculpture commissions in this country. French artist Jean-Luc Mylayne, acclaimed for his enigmatic color photographs of birds, has created a temporary Chapel building with a foot photo mural on its ceiling. Positions are principally administrative, clerical or fiscal in character.

    With engaging music and dance in a kid-friendly setting, the FREE admission Juicebox programs are geared toward the stroller set and enjoyable for the whole family. A lifelong doodler, Chicago-based artist Julie Murphy uses her vast work experience as inspiration for her drawings. As a pioneer in the field of monumental ceramic sculpture, Jun Kaneko has played with scale and proportion and this installation is representative of his past and present artistic practices. Keep Moving explores how bicycle design in Chicago contributed to the early popularity of bicycles in America, their survival through the 20th century, and their resurgence today.

    Having rocketed to worldwide fame in the s, graffiti artist Keith Haring worked with Chicago Public School students to paint a monumental mural in Chicago's Grant Park in This exhibition includes a large selection of the mural reflecting the artist's incisive draftsmanship and unsettling cast of symbolic characters atomic baby, barking dog. See the list of symptoms on this page.

    If you think you may have symptoms, contact your health care provider immediately. In this survey of recent work, internationally-recognized poet and visual artist Krista Franklin appropriates image and text as a political gesture that chisels away at the narratives historically inscribed on women and people of color and forges imaginative spaces for radical possibilities and visions.

    The Chicago Department of Public Health developed this plan in coordination with City leaders and community health providers across the city, and also relied on input from LGBT residents and allies of the community. This report details the efforts of the Department of Water Management, City of Chicago has under taken to conserve, and wisely manage our natural water resources. Accompanied with great food, entertainment and an average of 50, people the Festival of the Arts is celebrating its 15th year.

    A brief description of the process by which the City's Commission on Chicago Landmarks designates a building, site or neighborhood area as a Chicago Landmark. The City of Chicago's Landscape Ordinance requires landscape features to be incorporated into all new or substantially renovated business, commercial buildings and large residential buildings. The City of Chicago has made installing large rooftop solar PV systems those generating greater than Businesses wishing to remain open beyond the regular time of closing may obtain a Late Hour Liquor License if they meet certain criteria and follow the application process.

    Laura Davis uses the intimate and inconspicuous forms of jewelry and giftware to look at the struggles faced by women of the baby boomer generation. Some simple things you can do to help protect your family from lead poisoning. Information resource for standard business license application requirements. Business licenses and building permits are required to operate a business in Chicago or to ensure that a building construction project conforms to the minimum standards of the Chicago Building Code. This program brings together highly personal and experimental films made by Chicago-based artists who worked for design studios as of the mids onwards.

    Authentic Greek cuisine, music, dance performances, kids' activities and, of course, Hellenic pride are showcased at this lively 42nd annual happening outside of St. George Greek Orthodox Church. The preference granted under this section shall be in the form of preference in processing. Applicants who qualify under this section will receive consideration before other qualified applicants for approved, vacant positions unless superseded by a collective bargaining agreement.

    A community-based process led by the Department of Planning and Development to review and enhance the Little Village Industrial Corridor began in April Come and experience the collaborative spirit of chamber music reaching beyond the traditionally-perceived limits of classical music. On the weekend of July 6th, 7th and 8th, the second annual Live in Lincoln Park will bring together some of the best names in indie rock, jam band and funk music, alongside vendors from the local community. The following is representative of situations where a person is NOT lobbying.

    The Governmental Ethics Ordinance requires persons who lobby City government to register with the Board of Ethics and regularly file activity reports or termination notices, where appropriate. Please note that anyone may print or download these blank forms and the filing instructions that accompany them, but the Board of Ethics will not accept for filing any form that is returned to the Board's offices electronically. Only those forms delivered to the Board in person or by mail that contain hand-written signatures can be accepted by the Board of Ethics for filing in compliance with the relevant provisions of the City's Governmental Ethics Ordinance.

    There are two live music stages and many art, merchant, food, and beverage vendors from the Logan Square area. Everybody wants love. Or to look their best? C3 volunteers are trained in low-cost home weatherization techniques. Volunteers then train their neighbors and distribute and install weatherization kits. Made in Chicago promotes and supports the manufacturing sector and individual manufacturers throughout the City of Chicago. The City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development promotes a vibrant economy by encouraging job creation and development of new businesses.

    The department focuses on business attraction, retention, and expansion of businesses in all sectors, utilizing Local Industrial Retention Initiatives LIRI Councils, department staff and often by partnering with community organizations such as World Business Chicago. All classes take place at the above address and last approximately 90 minutes.

    The Maps and Plats Kiosk provides access to city aerial maps, Acre lots maps, and structure basemaps that show existing building footprints and an address for each building. The quiet of the library is evoked in the paintings as well as the history of the building and the galleries that house the exhibit.

    Universal Statuary is a new body of ceramic sculptures from Chicago based artist Matthew Groves. The Maxwell Street Market is a Chicago tradition of bargains and bargaining with an international flavor. Find out what exciting performances are coming to the Maxwell Street Market. Chicago is one of the 23 sites selected as focus areas by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC for this multi-year public health initiative. Chicago Animal Care and Control strongly recommends that all pet owners microchip and obtain a collar and tag for your pets. Cats that get lost are 9 times more likely to be reunited to their home if they arrive at a shelter with a collar and tag or microchip.

    Dogs are 5 times more likely to be returned home to their owner if they have a collar and tag or microchip. It is also the law for all dogs to have a city dog license. If your pet gets lost and is found by our shelter we will research the tag and microchip information and contact you as soon as possible to let you know your pet is with us. Completed in , the Midway International Airport redevelopment project provided Chicago with a state-of-the-art airport terminal, as well as significant additions to its world-class art collection.

    Popping up for a three-day weekend, the 11th annual Millennium Art Festival brings excitement and art to downtown Chicago. Discover a state-of-the-art collection of architecture, landscape design and art that provide the backdrop for hundreds of free cultural programs including concerts, exhibitions, tours, and family activities. The Millennium Park Campus is the epicenter of holiday fun in Chicago with holiday traditions, ice skating, music, exhibitions, nature and fun for the whole family this season.

    Quench your thirst at the Goose Island Beer Garden—and visit our food trucks. Start your holiday shopping with one-of-a-kind items, including jewelry, fashion, painting, sculpture, prints, drawings and more on sale by student artists. Take a guided walk with a volunteer Millennium Park Greeter and learn more about the history, art and architecture of the Park. Take a spin on the ice during the 18th season of this Chicago winter tradition. They may not be used for commercial purposes.

    The free series will feature nine local theatre companies performing throughout Millennium Park on select dates from July to October. Each workout is 45 minutes, with classes beginning on the hour, every hour. Check here first for answers to your questions about Millennium Park, including what you can bring and expect when you attend a concert in the park.

    Every aspect of Millennium Park has been designed to be fully accessible to all patrons. Visit Millennium Park today and enjoy an unprecedented combination of stunning architecture, sculpture and landscape design located in the heart of downtown Chicago. Learn about the Boeing Galleries' architect and other interesting facts. Learn about the artist who designed Crown Fountain's and other interesting facts. The Family Fun Festival returns offering interactive activities, arts and crafts and games for kids of all ages. Information on what food, beverage and merchandise are offered in Millennium Park.

    Learn about the Jay Pritzker Pavilion's architect and other interesting. Learn about the McDonald's Cycle Center architect and other interesting facts. Each headword is explained in clear, straightforward English. There are also supplements including anatomical figures, measurement conversions and a list of key industry contacts for athletes and sports scientists. Thanks are due to Morc Coulson, Programme Leader at University Sport Sunderland, for his help and advice during the production of the text. Someone with this type of blood can donate to people of the same group or of the AB group, and can receive blood from people with this type or with type O.

    Someone with this type of blood can donate to people of the same group and receive blood from people with this type or with type O, A or B. Also called abducent nerve abducent abducent adjective used for describing a muscle that brings parts of the body away from each other or moves them away from the central line of the body or a limb.

    Compare adducent abducent nerve abducent nerve noun same as abducens nerve abduct verb to pull a leg or arm in a direction that is away from the centre line of the abduct body, or to pull a toe or finger away from the central line of a leg or arm. Compare adduct abduction abduction noun movement of a limb away from the body abductor noun a muscle that pulls the body or a limb away from a midpoint or midline abductor SportsScience.

    The plural is abscesses. Opposite decelerate acceleration noun 1. Opposite acceleration deceleration 3. Compare acidaminuria acid food basic food acidity acidity noun the level of acid in a liquid. Also called acidosis 2 acidogenic adjective producing acids, or promoting the production of acids acidosis noun 1. Compare activator active dormant 3.

    Compare impact force active recovery active recovery noun rehabilitation from an injury in which gentle exercise is taken to maintain flexibility active rest active rest noun rest for a sports injury in which light exercises are performed, which maintains flexibility without causing more strain active stretch active stretch noun a muscle stretch that requires an opposing muscle to contract, as in the relationship between a biceps and triceps active transport active transport noun a transfer of substances across a cell membrane for which energy is required activity activity noun 1.

    Compare abducent adduct adduct verb to pull a leg or arm towards the central line of the body, or to pull a toe or finger towards the central line of a leg or arm. Opposite abduct adduction adduction noun movement of a limb towards the body. Opposite abduction adductor noun a muscle that pulls a leg or arm towards the central line of the body or adductor a toe or finger towards the axis of a leg or arm adductor magnus adductor magnus noun the large muscle of the inner thigh adenosine noun a compound, consisting of the base adenine and the sugar ribose, adenosine found in DNA, RNA and energy-carrying molecules such as adenosine triphosphate adenosine diphosphate adenosine diphosphate noun a chemical compound nucleotide involved in energy transfer reactions in living cells.

    Abbreviation ADP adenosine triphosphate adenosine triphosphate noun a chemical that occurs in all cells, but mainly in muscle, where it forms the energy reserve. Also called epinephrine adrenergic adrenergic noun a substance that has a similar effect in the body to adrenaline adrenoceptor noun part of the autonomic nervous system that produces a bodily adrenoceptor response when stimulated by agonist substances adrenocortical adrenocortical adjective relating to the cortex of the adrenal glands adrenolytic adjective acting against the secretion of adrenaline adrenoreceptor noun same as adrenoceptor advantage noun in tennis the point scored after deuce, after which the next point adrenolytic adrenoreceptor advantage scored wins the game adventure sport adventure sport noun a sport involving strenuous physical activity with an element of risk, e.

    Opposite efferent afferent nerve afferent nerve noun same as sensory nerve affiliated adjective in a close relationship with others affiliation noun the process of bringing a person or group into a close relationship with affiliated affiliation another, usually larger group affiliation incentive affiliation incentive noun the desire to be part of a team and to feel accepted afflux noun a flow inwards or towards a point, e.

    Abbreviation ABC airway management noun the act of ensuring that an injured person has a clear and unobstructed airway when giving immediate care airway patency noun the fact that an airway is unobstructed and functioning normally ALA abbreviation alpha-lipoic acid alactic adjective used for describing metabolism that generates energy without producing lactic acid by using already-present stores of ATP albumin solution noun a substance used for masking banned substance abuse airway management airway patency ALA alactic albumin solution alcohol alcohol noun 1.

    Abbreviation ACL anterior dislocation anterior dislocation noun dislocation of the shoulder joint in which the ball moves in front of the socket anterior drawer test anterior drawer test noun a test to assess ligament damage in the ankle, in which the joint is manipulated and bone movement assessed anterior scalene anterior scalene noun a pair of muscles involved in tilting the neck anthocyanin noun a water-soluble plant pigment responsible for blue, violet and red anthocyanin colours SportsScience. Abbreviation ADH antigen noun a substance that stimulates the production of antibodies, e.

    Also called coronary thrombosis athlete athlete noun 1. Abbreviation AMI athletic pubalgia athletic pubalgia noun a tear in the muscles of the lower abdomen, caused by repeated bending and stretching athletics athletics noun 1. Also called AV node atrium atrium noun 1. Goalkeepers are forbidden to handle back passes with their hands. Abbreviation BMR base base noun 1. Compare acid food basic skill basic skill noun a simple skill such as running, jumping or hand-eye coordination that is a basic requirement for involvement in many sports basket basket noun 1.

    Abbreviation HMB betting shop betting shop noun a shop or office that is licensed to take bets on the results of races and other sporting activities BFC BFC abbreviation body fat composition BIA abbreviation bioelectrical impedance analysis biacromial breadth noun an anthropometric measure of shoulder width biarticulate adjective used for describing a muscle that spans two joints biathlon noun a competition that combines cross-country skiing with rifle shooting at BIA biacromial breadth biarticulate biathlon targets along the course biaxial joint biaxial joint noun a joint that allows movement on two planes bicarbonate loading noun the practice of taking large quantities of an alkali in bicarbonate loading order to neutralise lactic acid in the body and so slow fatigue biceps biceps noun any muscle formed of two parts joined to form one tendon, especially the muscles in the front of the upper arm biceps brachii and the back of the thigh biceps femoris.

    Abbreviation BADS biological value biological value noun a measure of protein quality, expressed as the amount of it that is absorbed and retained in the body. Abbreviation BV biomarker biomarker noun a distinctive indicator of a biological or biochemical process, e. Also called blood retransfusion blood flow blood flow noun same as circulation blood glucose noun sugar in the form in which it is carried in the blood, an excess blood glucose of which can indicate diabetes blood group blood group noun same as blood type blood homocysteine noun the concentration of homocysteine amino acids in the blood homocysteine blood stream blood lactate blood lactate noun same as lactate blood-pooling noun a situation in which blood collects in extremities, e.

    Full form bicycle motocross board board noun 1. Abbreviation BFC body fluid body fluid noun a liquid in the body, e. Also called body fuels body image body schema body language body language noun the expression on your face, or the way you hold your body, interpreted by other people as unconsciously revealing your feelings bodylink bodylink noun an interconnected set of devices that monitor your body during exercise, e. Also called bone atrophy bone marrow bone marrow noun soft tissue in cancellous bone bone mass noun the concentration of fibres in bone.

    Also called bone density bone mineralisation noun the absorption of essential minerals into bone fibres bone resorption noun the breakdown of the calcium in bone that is then reabsorbed bone mass bone mineralisation bone resorption into the bloodstream bone scan bone scan noun the use of scintigraphy as a method of detecting bone fractures bone strength noun the ability of bone to withstand pressure and shock without bone strength damage bone structure bone structure noun 1.

    The punishment ranges from a simple warning to the player being permanently excluded from the game and possibly also banned from a number of future games. Each fighter has a designated corner diagonally opposite the other. Abbreviation BCAA bravura bravura noun great skill that is shown when something is done in an exciting or innovative way brawn brawn noun muscular strength informal brawny adjective muscular and strong-looking break verb 1.

    Also called sternum breaststroke breaststroke noun a swimming stroke in which both arms are extended and pulled back together in a circular motion while both legs are thrust out and pulled back together breathe breathe verb to take air into your lungs through your mouth or nose and let it out again, a process that is necessary to oxygenate the blood and keep tissue healthy breathing breathing noun same as respiration breathless adjective finding it difficult to breathe enough air, e.

    Abbreviation BNF brittle bone disease brittle bone disease noun same as osteoporosis bronchiole noun a very small air tube in the lungs leading from a bronchus to the bronchiole alveoli bronchodilator bronchodilator noun a drug that makes the bronchi wider, used in the treatment of asthma and allergy bronchus bronchus noun either of the two air passages that lead from the trachea into the lungs, where they split into many bronchioles NOTE: The plural is bronchi.

    Compare white adipose tissue bruise bruise noun a dark painful area on the skin where blood has escaped under the skin following a blow. Also called thyrocalcitonin calcitriol calcitriol noun a form of Vitamin D used to control or reverse bone loss SportsScience. Camogie was developed in by women in Dublin and the game has become increasingly popular with more than clubs affiliated to the Camogie League. Full form cyclic adenosine monophosphate Canada Games Canada Games plural noun a two-week multi-sport event that takes place every two years in Canada, in which the 13 provinces each enter a team of athletes cancellous cancellous adjective describes bone that has a mesh of hollows on the inside, as opposed to being compact or dense cancer cancer noun a malignant growth or tumour that develops in tissue and destroys it, can spread by metastasis to other parts of the body and cannot be controlled by the body itself cancer cell cancer cell noun a mutated cell in the body that quickly multiplies, forming a tumour that may spread into surrounding tissue canoe canoe noun a lightweight boat, pointed at each end, that can be paddled by one or two people and can carry passengers.

    Canoes were originally made from natural materials, but modern canoes are made of aluminium or of moulded plastic and fibreglass. Abbreviation CVD cardiovascular endurance cardiovascular endurance noun the ability of the cardiovascular system to deliver sufficient blood to the muscles to sustain intense activity for any period of time cardiovascular training cardiovascular training noun exercise that raises the heart rate and increases circulation, strengthening the cardiovascular system and burning fat.

    Also called cardio cardioversion cardioversion noun a procedure to correct an irregular heartbeat by applying an electrical impulse to the chest wall carnitine carnitine noun a derivative of lysine carnosine carnosine noun a sports supplement carotid artery carotid artery noun either of the two main arteries that carry blood to the head and neck carotid body carotid body noun tissue in the carotid sinus which is concerned with cardiovascular reflexes carotid pulse carotid pulse noun a pulse taken from one of the carotid arteries in the neck carotid sinus carotid sinus noun an expanded part attached to the carotid artery, which monitors blood pressure in the skull carpal carpal adjective relating to the wrist carponavicular fracture carponavicular fracture noun a fracture to the wrist caused by forcefully bending the hand back during a fall carpus carpus noun the set of bones by which the hand is connected to the lower arm.

    Also called claw foot ceiling noun an upper limit or point that cannot be passed ceiling level noun the highest possible level of fitness that can be attained by a person CASMT cast casting catabolism catalyst catalytic enzyme catastrophic injury catch catcher catch out catchweight catecholamine catharsis hypothesis cathepsin catheter cathexis cauliflower ear causalgia causal modelling caving cavus foot ceiling ceiling level SportsScience.

    Abbreviation CG 2. The most common cause is a ruptured artery caused by high blood pressure or degeneration of the blood vessel concerned. Also called thorax chest press chest press noun an exercise in which the arms are pushed away from the chest against some resistance, e. Abbreviation CMP chop chop verb to hit a ball with a quick sharp downward movement of a racket or bat, often in order to give the ball backspin chorea chorea noun a sudden severe twitching, usually of the face and shoulders, which is a symptom of disease of the nervous system choreoathetosis choreoathetosis noun a movement disorder characterised by fidgeting and slow writhing movements christie christie noun in skiing a type of turn used for stopping or rapidly changing direction, in which the skier twists sharply aside while keeping the skis parallel to each other chromatography chromatography noun a substance analysis technique used for urine testing of athletes chromium chromium noun a metallic trace element NOTE: The chemical symbol is Cr.

    Compare acute 2. Also called blood flow circulatory system noun a system of arteries and veins, together with the heart, that circulatory system makes the blood circulate around the body circumduction circumduction noun the action of moving a limb so that the end of it makes a circular motion circumflex nerve circumflex nerve noun a sensory and motor nerve in the upper arm citrate synthase noun an enzyme that is involved in the Krebs cycle citric acid cycle noun same as Krebs cycle classic noun a major sporting event, e.

    Also called collarbone claw foot claw foot noun same as cavus foot clay pigeon noun a clay disc thrown into the air from a machine called a trap as a clay pigeon target for shooting with shotguns clean and jerk clean and jerk noun a two-part lift in weightlifting, in which the bar is lifted firstly to the chest and then above the head clean and snatch clean and snatch noun same as snatch clean-living adjective never doing anything that might be considered immoral or clean-living unhealthy clearance clearance noun in games, the process of clearing the ball from the defence area cleats plural noun same as spikes clenbuterol noun a banned substance that acts as a growth agent cliff-jumping noun the sport of jumping from a high point such as a cliff into water climb verb to go up mountains or rocks on foot or using hands and feet as a sport climber noun 1.

    Abbreviation CoA coexistent adjective used for describing multiple injuries that exist at the same time codeine coeliac disease coenzyme coenzyme A coexistent SportsScience. The term embraces therapies such as acupuncture, herbal medicine and homeopathy. Compare interval training contract noun a formal or legally binding agreement, e. Abbreviation CHD coronary ligament strain coronary ligament strain noun a strain to the ligament in the knee coronary occlusion noun a blockage of the coronary arteries, disrupting the blood coronary occlusion flow to the heart coronary thrombosis coronary thrombosis noun same as atherosclerosis coronary vein noun a vein of the group that drains blood from the muscles of the coronary vein heart corrective activity corrective activity noun a training exercise designed to correct a problem with a learned skill corrective therapy corrective therapy noun professional coaching or counselling to correct undesirable behaviour corrugator corrugator noun a muscle that wrinkles the skin when it contracts cortex noun the outer layer of an organ, as opposed to the soft inner medulla corticosteroid noun 1.

    A player scores by batting the ball and running, while the defenders can get a player out by bowling and hitting the wicket, catching a hit ball, or running the player out. Full form Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 CT scan CT scan noun a system of examining the body in which a narrow X-ray beam, guided by a computer, photographs a thin section of the body or of an organ from several angles, using the computer to build up an image of the section. Full form computerised tomography scan cubital cubital adjective relating to the elbow cuboid subluxation noun misalignment of the middle bone of the foot, often caused cuboid subluxation by landing awkwardly from a jump cue cue noun 1.

    US an athletic support reinforced with plastic or metal, worn to protect the male genitals during team sports Cup Final noun the final match in a knockout sports competition, especially in football Cup Final cup holder cup holder noun a team that won the cup in the previous staging of a sporting competition or tournament cup tie cup tie noun a match in a knockout competition for which the prize is a cup curl noun a weight training exercise in which a weight held in the hand or hands is lifted curl by curling the forearm towards the upper arm curl bar curl bar noun a weighted shaped bar designed for use when performing curls curling noun a team game played on an ice rink, in which a heavy polished stone with curling a handle is slid towards a circular target SportsScience.

    Also called drying out CV training abbreviation cardiovascular training cyanocobalamin noun same as vitamin B12 cyanosis noun a condition characterised by a blue colour of the peripheral skin and mucous membranes, a symptom of lack of oxygen in the blood, e. Also called dan grade 2. The events are long jump, high jump, pole vault, shot put, discus, javelin, metre hurdles, and running over metres, metres, and 1, metres. US relating to those players who have responsibility for defence deferent deferent adjective going away from the centre deferred gratification noun a situation in which a person sacrifices short-term deferred gratification comfort for long-term goals, which will bring greater satisfaction defibrillator defibrillator noun a machine that administers a controlled electric shock to the chest or heart to correct a critically irregular heartbeat that cannot drive the circulation deficiency deficiency noun 1.

    Also called demineralised water delayed onset muscle soreness delayed onset muscle soreness noun pain in the muscles felt for one or two days after unusually intense exercise. Abbreviation DOMS deleterious deleterious adjective having a harmful or damaging effect on someone or something delinquency noun antisocial or illegal behaviour or acts, especially by young people.

    Abbreviation DH dependence dependence noun the fact that a person is addicted to a substance depolarisation noun the reversal of the normal electrical polarity of a nerve or depolarisation muscle cell membrane during the passage of a nerve impulse or muscle contraction depressed fracture noun a fracture of a flat bone such as those in the skull where part of the bone has been pushed down lower than the surrounding parts depressed fracture depression depression noun 1. Full form docosahaexanoic acid diabetes diabetes noun a disorder in which the amount of glucose in the blood is too high because the body does not produce enough of the hormone insulin needed to convert the glucose from food into energy dialogue dialogue noun a formal discussion or negotiation in which both parties put their views diamond noun 1.

    Also called shaft diarrhoea noun a condition in which someone frequently passes liquid faeces diarthrosis noun free movement of a joint that is not restricted by cartilage or ligadiarrhoea diarthrosis ments diastasis diastasis noun 1. The period of diastole lasts about 0. Compare systolic blood pressure diathermy diathermy noun heat treatment used for relieving sports injuries using microwaves or short waves SportsScience.

    Abbreviation DIT differential relaxation differential relaxation noun the ability to consciously relax muscles that are not being used for a particular movement so as not to waste energy diffident adjective lacking self-confidence diffusion noun 1. Also called alimentary system digital adjective relating to the fingers or toes digital scales plural noun personal weighing scales that give a digital reading digital skipping rope noun a skipping rope with a digital monitor in the handle that counts the number of rotations digest digestibility digestible digestion digestive enzyme digestive system digital digital scales digital skipping rope SportsScience.

    Also called luxation disordered eating disordered eating noun unusual eating habits that may present a risk to health, without exhibiting all the symptoms of a recognised eating disorder disorientation disorientation noun feeling lost or confused, especially with regard to direction or position, sometimes as a result of a head injury dispensable amino acids dispensable amino acids plural noun same as non-essential amino acids displaced adjective used for describing an organ or bone that is not in the correct posidisplaced tion displaced fracture displaced fracture noun a fracture in which the pieces of bone move out of alignment with each other displaced intervertebral disc displaced intervertebral disc noun a disc which has moved slightly, so that the soft interior passes through the tougher exterior and causes pressure on a nerve displacement displacement noun 1.

    Full form deoxyribonucleic acid docosahaexanoic acid docosahaexanoic acid noun full form of DHA dominant adjective important or powerful DOMS abbreviation delayed onset muscle soreness dopamine noun a substance found in the medulla of the adrenal glands, which also dominant DOMS dopamine acts as a neurotransmitter dopaminergic system dopaminergic system noun part of the central nervous system responsible for motivational, emotional and cognitive processes, e.

    Abbreviation DCO doping control station doping control station noun an office where urine samples are given by athletes for drugs testing SportsScience. Compare active dorsal adjective 1. Opposite ventral 2. Compare plantar flexion dorsum dorsum noun the back of any part of the body dose-related response noun a human response to a stimulant that varies according dose-related response to the amount it is exposed to double double noun 1.

    Abbreviation EDA eburnation eburnation noun the conversion of cartilage into a hard mass with a shiny surface like bone ECA stack ECA stack noun a thermogenic sports supplement containing ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin eccentric action eccentric action noun an action performed by extending a muscle eccentric contraction noun a situation in which a muscle is tense, but lengthening, eccentric contraction as of the arm muscles when slowly lowering a heavy weight eccentric strength eccentric strength noun the force exerted by a muscle while it is extending ecchymosis noun a dark area on the skin made by blood that has escaped into the ecchymosis tissues after a blow.

    English Synonyms and Antonyms

    Also called bruise ECG ECG noun a graph showing the behaviour of the heart by recording its electrical voltage, produced by a device called an electrocardiograph. Compare endomorph edge edge noun an advantage over somebody, e. Opposite afferent efferent nerve noun same as motor nerve efficacy noun the ability of an individual to use their skills to achieve something efficiency noun 1. Abbreviation EMS electrical stimulation noun same as TENS electrocardiogram noun full form of ECG electrocardiograph noun an apparatus for measuring and recording the electrical impulses of the muscles of the heart as it beats EFA effective anticipation effector effector muscle efferent efferent nerve efficacy efficiency efficient effleurage effort effort headache effusion elapsed time elastic elastic bandage elastic fibre elastic strength elastic tissue elastin elbow support electrical impedance analysis electrical muscle stimulation electrical stimulation electrocardiogram electrocardiograph SportsScience.

    Abbreviation EMG electromyograph noun a machine for producing a graphical tracing of the electrical activity picked up via electrodes inserted into muscle tissue electromyopathy test noun a medical test for the proper conduction of electrical signals from nerves to muscles electrophysiology noun the study of electrical impulses in the human body electrotherapeutic treatment noun treatment of injuries using a mild electrical current applied to the body electrotherapy noun the treatment of a disorder, e.

    Compare ectomorph endomysium noun connective tissue around and between muscle fibres endocrinology endogenous endomorph endomysium endorphin endorphin noun a peptide produced by the brain that acts as a natural painkiller. Abbreviation EPO essential amino acid index noun a measure of protein quality, expressed as its total amino acid content as compared to egg protein essential amino acids plural noun the eight amino acids that are essential for growth but cannot be synthesised and so must be obtained from food or medicinal substances essential fatty acid noun an unsaturated fatty acid that is essential for growth but cannot be synthesised and so must be obtained from food or medicinal substances.

    Abbreviation EFA e-stim abbreviation electrical stimulation. Abbreviation EAR estrane noun a steroid hormone derived from testosterone ethical adjective 1. Abbreviation EU eusitia eusitia noun the state of having a normal appetite Eustachian tube noun a bony passage extending from the middle ear to the Eustachian tube nasopharynx that has a role in equalising air pressure on both sides of the eardrum eustress eustress noun a feeling of tension that is positive and enjoyable, as in fierce competition eutrophia eutrophia noun a normal state of nutrition evaluate verb 1.

    Abbreviation EIA exercise intensity noun the degree to which a workout is difficult for the exerciser exercise-induced asthma exercise intensity exercise machine exercise machine noun a machine that is specially designed to allow a person to perform a particular exercise or tone a particular area exercise music exercise music noun music with about beats per minute that is suitable for accompanying aerobics and other exercises exercise platform exercise platform noun a low step-like platform used for performing step aerobics exercise prescription noun a personal fitness plan or guidelines given by a profesexercise prescription sional for health reasons exercise program exercise program noun same as fitness program exerciser noun 1.

    Opposite inhale exhibition game noun a sports contest played purely as a display of skill and an exhibition game entertainment for spectators, with no prizes or competition points at stake exocrine gland noun a gland that releases a secretion through a duct to the surface of an organ, e. Compare endogenous exogenous nitrogen noun nitrogen in the body that comes from dietary sources, as opposed to metabolic nitrogen exostosis noun a benign growth on the surface of a bone expectation noun 1.

    A normal expiratory loop should involve a gradual tapering of the amount expired towards the end. Full form forced expiratory volume 1 fibre fibre noun 1. Compare gross motor skills finish finish noun the final part of a race, especially a sprint, acceleration or challenge, near the finishing line finishing line finishing line noun a real or imaginary line that marks the end of a race fins plural noun broad flat rubber extensions worn on the feet to aid in swimming or fins diving.

    Compare free five-a-side fixator fixed joint fixed weight weight fixture fixture noun a sports event or its date flame-out noun a form of burnout that occurs for a short period of time, usually after flame-out a heavy training season or competition flat feet plural noun feet in which the arches are very low or non-existent. Compare flat feet high-arched feet flat racing flat racing noun horse racing over level ground, without fences to be jumped flavonoid noun a natural compound derived from phenol, belonging to a group that flavonoid includes many plant pigments flesh flesh noun the soft part of the body covering the bones flesh wound noun a wound that only affects the fleshy part of the body fletching noun the feathered end on an arrow used in archery, which helps to stabilise flesh wound fletching it in flight flex flex verb 1.

    Also called stand-off half flying disc flying disc noun same as Frisbee flying start noun a start of a race in which competitors cross the starting line at racing flying start speed flyweight flyweight noun in professional boxing a weight category for competitors whose weight does not exceed 51 kg or lb foam foam noun 1. UK a game in which 2 teams of 11 players try to kick or head a round ball into the goal defended by the opposing team.