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Add to Wishlist. USD 9. Hardcover FREE. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Usually ships within 6 days. Overview Nick has a problem. Product Details About the Author. About the Author. It's not perfect; the plot is pretty contrived and the characters are pretty flat.

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But it makes up for that by being whimsical and exciting. Really, it's everything a young adult book is supposed to be. May 28, Daniel Cohen rated it liked it. I had higher hopes, but it just wasn't for me. Sep 21, Andrew rated it really liked it. Phil Dick does a children's book? I'm afraid so. It's one of the most twisted, weird kid's books ever. It makes Roald Dahl look positively prosaic. Mar 26, C. Chicoine rated it it was amazing. Of all the books I've read by Philip K.

Unfortunately, it had already been optioned. Below, I have included two reviews written by others. Unfortunately, I haven't the source identified to give credit where credit is do, long story Dick Philip K. Dick began publishing fiction in the 50s and continued until he died in PKD is a favorite of movie directors these days, but "Nick and the Glimmung" is unlikely to ever become a blockbuster sci-fi flick. The future earth which Nick Graham inhabits is dystopic, to say the least. The planet is so overpopulated by humans that they all must live in massive apartment buildings that also extend high into the sky and deep into the earth.

Employment is scarce.

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Many of the "jobs" that people are expected to be grateful for are mere busy work. Not once has a form gone unsigned. On this future Earth, pets of any kind are interesting on the grounds that they use resources much needed by humans. Nick has an interesting cat named Horace. The family is full of hope as they set off, but their new planet is at least as bleak as the old, though far more strange and dangerous.

After they find their home they are faced with an almost total shortage of water and the self-protective behavior of those around them. They cannot go out at night because of nightmares lurking in the darkness. Their neighbors reveal that no one has been successful farming anything at all. But there is hope in youth. Reality blurs for his characters through a haze of drug use, or the confusion of precognition and time travel. Still "Nick and the Glimmung" may be his most experimental book. Its style recalls absurdist and expressionist writers like Samuel Beckett and Franz Kafka. The book both records and predicts everything that occurs on the planet.

When the Graham family look themselves up the book, they discover a synopsis of the story in which they are involved: "They cannot find their farm. The map has been eaten.

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The creature which smells of fish misleads them until it is too late. They are undone by their love. Nick and the Glimmung, by Philip K.

Subterranean Press is publishing an edition of this novel, to be released in December of this year, Unfortunately, one morning the cat gets out and someone sees him, and the anti-pet man comes after them. I loved this book.

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Part of the reason I loved the book was certainly that Horace looks similar to the cat that owns me, but that was a small part. I thought Nick and his father were particularly sympathetic characters; the rest of the humans in the book, including the newspaper reporter and the scheming water man, were also well-described in just a few words.

The species we interact with the most is probably the spiddles; their idiosyncratic way of speaking is quite amusing, and I wish we had them on earth. Jan 18, Rupert Owen rated it really liked it. Nick and the Glimmung was the first book to feature the Glimmung, a shapeshifting omniscient alien deity inhabiting Plowman's Planet. It's a lively children's book suitable for adults following Nick and his family as they move from an overcrowded Earth where pets are banned for the sake of their cat Horace.

Why Philip d Nick and the Glimmung was the first book to feature the Glimmung, a shapeshifting omniscient alien deity inhabiting Plowman's Planet. Why Philip didn't write more children's books I don't know but he should have. It's a well-paced, fun, afternoon or two read. Mar 16, Ranmaru rated it liked it. Nick an the Glimmung is a nice little childrens story of a family emigrating to a different planet. The best part are all the strange creatures inhabiting the planet. Many of them I know from other Philip K. Dick stories. He keeps it very simple, the story develops in a straight direction and you never feel that anybody could be in danger.

Dick also keeps repeating explanations over and over. For me that makes it hard to read. I am not sure, is that important if you write for children? It was a very fun, quick read with perfect plotting and resolution. It had a quest, a bad guy, interesting supporting characters, good vs. I want seconds! Subterranean Press, 1st ed Excellent for kids.

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Apr 04, Christina Scholz rated it really liked it. Disregards most of Campbell. Also surprisingly Vancean in places. I like.

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Jul 26, Babak Fakhamzadeh rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction. A family moves to an of world colony because their having a pet cat, which is illegal on an overcrowded earth, is discovered. Amongst my favorites of the author. Feb 12, Angele Sionna rated it it was ok.

Me: 2. My kids: 4 stars. Read this PKD book to the kids for a bedtime story this week. They loved it. They said 4 stars. It's was probably one of the weirder books they've ever read but they loved the boy doing all to save his cat. Lots of classic PKD ideas, many weird creatures. I prefer PKD's on Earth stories versus off earth ones. Enjoyed reading this and glad my kids loved it to. Only pkd fans will appreciate this rare PKD book, his only one for kids and only published after his deat Me: 2.

Only pkd fans will appreciate this rare PKD book, his only one for kids and only published after his death. Feb 23, Mike rated it really liked it.

I thought it was funny and delightful. Dick loses the heavy philosophy and writes an adventure for young readers. Earth is an overcrowded distopia it's a kid's book, but it's still a Phil Dick book. Earth has to be a distopia. There he meets a cast of bizarre aliens that may have have been inspired by the Oz books, which were a favorite of Phil Dick as a boy. The Glimmung a I thought it was funny and delightful. The Glimmung also makes an appearance, but rather than the mercurial Jehovah figure of Pot-Healer , here he is a straight-up villain.

Dick won the Hugo Award in and was inducted into the SF Hall of Fame in , and in he was the first science fiction to be published by the Library of America.

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All this craziness begins on Earth, albeit a crowded futuristic version, where pets are no longer allowed. Unfortunately they arrive in the midst of a weird war between various bizarre native creatures and the Glimmung, an evil being guarding a future-telling book. Written in but never released in the U. Grades Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Gollancz, Condition: New. Never used!. Seller Inventory P