Performance, Culture, and Identity

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Salhi, K. View abstract. Meida meida! The changing roles of dance in Afghan society. Music and meaning in the celluloid performances of qawwali in South Asia and the diaspora.

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Pakistani Muslims and music in Bradford. He is founder of the Dutch Song Database. Wim van Anrooij, Ph. The book is a groundbreaking foray into a very promising field.

Culture and Identity

In: Journal of Jesuit Studies , Vol. The collection never pretends to be exhaustive, however, for each chapter explains what further research could and should be done. For that reason, the book is incredibly significant to researchers who are looking not just for answer, but also for further questions.

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In: Sixteenth Century Journal , Vol. All interested in European cultural, social and political history including the history of literature, music and religion and the interpay between oral, written and printed sources.

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The Defining Elements of a Winning Culture

Cancel Save. Top managers communicate the identity to employees, but then its interpretation is mainly based on cultural patterns of the organization, work experiences and external influences. In his opinion, it consists on the feelings and beliefs of the external audience, that may be different from the image that the company believes to have. More specifically, the relationships between culture, image and identity form a circular process.

They are all distinct aspects of the organization, but at the same time, they are all interconnected. In this process, the internal and the external context intersects.

While the organizational culture is embedded in the company and encompasses the organizational identity, the image is subjected to the effects of the external environment. In conclusion, what managers and leaders should learn from this process, is that they need to focus not only on the company culture, identity and image separately, but on the relationships that exist among them. They must also have clear in mind the importance of external actors and their interpretations of the company.