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HIV patients are considered to be at a high risk of developing cancers. The exact link of AIDS and cancers is unknown but majorly depends on the weakened immune system. These lesions can develop anywhere on the body including internal organs. Chemotherapy and antiretroviral therapy are the most common treatment approaches recommended to improve the CD4 cells count.

Liver Cancer Treatment Market Size, Share and Growth, Regional Analysis and Forecast – 2023

Primary central nervous system lymphoma and primary effusion lymphoma are the most common subtypes of NHL among others. These two subtypes affect lymph system in brain and spinal cord. Symptoms of this type of cancer include memory loss, headache, neurological change and confusion. Owing to its direct impact on brain, healthcare provider may recommend brain biopsy for the diagnosis and radiation therapy is the most common treatment for AIDS related CNS syndrome.

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Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia CIN , a condition characterized by precancerous cell growth in the cervix and is linked with human papilloma virus infection. Advanced CIN can result in invasive cervical cancer and the patients experience symptoms such as pain during sex, pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding and others.

Head and Neck Cancer 12222 Global Market Outlook,Research,Trends and Forecast to 2027

PAP tests can reveal cervical dysplasia or abnormal cell changes before they become malignant. Cervical, breast, liver, blood, kidney, colorectal, pancreatic, ovarian, melanoma, and lung cancers are types of cancers persisting in humans. Diagnosing at early stage can cure the disease and limit the disease severity. Research institutes have the high adoption rate of cancer diagnostic devices due to heavy funding from government and private institutions.

North America is estimated to be the dominant one among all, due to developed healthcare infrastructure, government initiatives towards public health care that are expected to drive this dominance.

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  6. The growth is attributed to rise in medical tourism market, increase in prevalence of cancer disease in countries such as Japan, China, and India are favoring the Asia Pacific market growth. Executive Summary 2. Preface 2. Market Trend Analysis 3. Porters Five Force Analysis 4.

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    Key Developments 9. Company Profiling Abbott Diagnostics Agilent Technologies, Inc.

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