The Canon camera hackers manual : teach your camera new tricks

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First, the installation of CHDK instructions shows the age of this book published in , most of the information is probably Second, the chapter on Kite Aerial Photography KAP is pretty much just a placeholder - a couple of pages saying "people use this for Kite Aerial Photography" but no real insights. Third, the index is automatically generated i. The strength of the book is the extensive discussion of writing scripts. I'd recommend this book to the experienced programmer who probably should be a fairly experienced amateur photographer. Since none of the examples refer directly to KAP, but could be useful e.

Step 1: CHDK (Point and Shoot)

The utility of this book is more for the uber-nerd interested in I liked the book and found it useful and interesting. But, it is showing its age. I'd be extremely interested in an updated edition.

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The Canon camera hackers manual : teach your camera new tricks

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