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According to one report, the pair had at least one child.

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The most likely explanation for the green children of Woolpit is that they were the descendants of Flemish immigrants who had been persecuted and possibly killed by King Stephen or — perhaps — King Henry II. Lost, confused and without their parents, the children could have ended up at Woolpit speaking only their native tongue of Flemish, perhaps explaining how the villagers thought that they were speaking gibberish.

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This theory is supported by the fact that their skin reverted to a normal colour once Richard de Calne had converted them over to eating real food. Personally, we like to side with the more romantic theory that these children arrived from an underground world where the native inhabitants are all green!

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Filth was a fact of life for all classes in the Middle Ages, with plague and infectious diseases flourishing in such conditions…. Thank goodness for the National Health Service! So who were the green children of Woolpit?

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What do you think? Penguin Books published a fifth edition in , which included the introduction by Greene.

The Green Baby

A sixth edition, published by R. Clark, appeared in and was reprinted in , both containing Greene's introduction. The first and last parts of the story are told as a third-person narrative , but the middle part is written in the first person. The story begins in with the faked death of President Olivero, dictator of the South American Republic of Roncador, who has staged his own assassination.

He returns to his native England, to the village where he was born and raised. On the evening of his arrival, Olivero notices that the stream running through the village appears to be flowing backwards, and he decides to follow the water upstream to discover the cause. The stream's course leads Olivero to a mill, where through a lighted window he sees a woman tied to a chair, forced by the miller to drink the blood of a freshly slaughtered lamb.

Instinctively, Olivero hurls himself through the open window, his "leap into the world of fantasy".

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During a struggle between the two men Kneeshaw is accidentally drowned in the mill pond. The next morning Olivero and Sally continue on Olivero's quest to find the stream's destination, a pool in the moors high above the village. Paddling in its water, Sally begins to sink into the silvery sand covering its bed.

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Olivero rushes to her, and hand in hand they sink beneath the water of the pool. The book's second part recounts the events between Oliver leaving the village as its young schoolmaster and his return as ex-President Olivero.

The Story of the Green Children

Unable to speak the language, and in possession of a book by Voltaire , he is arrested as a suspected revolutionary. Held captive for two years, he learns Spanish from his fellow prisoners and determines to travel to one of the liberated American colonies he has learned of, where the possibility exists to establish a new world "free from the oppression and injustice of the old world". There he is mistaken for a revolutionary agent and taken to meet General Santos of the Roncador Army.

The Green Child

Together they hatch a plot to seize the country's capital city and assassinate its dictator. The plot is successful and "Don Olivero" finds himself leader of the Assembly, making him the country's new dictator, a position he holds for 25 years. Eventually he realises that his style of government is leading the country into stagnation and "moral flaccidity"; [16] he begins to feel nostalgia for the English village where he was brought up, and resolves to escape.

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Wishing to avoid any suspicion that he is deserting Roncador, Olivero fakes his own assassination. The final part of the book continues the story from when Olivero and Sally disappear under the water. A large bubble forms around them, transporting them to the centre of the pool and ascending into a large grotto, from where they proceed on foot through a series of adjoining caverns.

Eventually he is allowed to move to the highest ledge of all, "the final stage of life". Disorder is empty space". This effect can continue endlessly, even to the point where the target will seemingly vanish from existence. A strange creature, the Green Baby was born from DIO's bone after it absorbed the souls of thirty-six convicts.

DIO's bone began by infecting convicts by touching them. Those infected sought out the sun and slowly germinated into plants. Thirty six people in total were infected. It was during this time that the gang: composed of Jolyne , Anasui and Foo Fighters , came across the bone. When Jolyne tried to stop the bone carrier, a random infected person, she herself became infected.

After being exposed to sunlight, Anasui concluded that the plant must only bloom in sunlight. Jolyne, knowing this, still jumped in to grab the newly forming Green Baby. After D an G was killed, the Green Baby hatched, removing Jolyne's plant infection due to no longer needing the plants to grow. Anasui and Jolyne then hunt down the Green Baby as it wanders away.

Unfortunately they discover that the Green Baby has a Stand which shrinks anything that approaches it.